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  • Connecting Your DirecTV and Your Computer

    Maybe your TV is on the fritz, or perhaps you just like your computer chair better than the couch. Whatever your reason for wanting to watch DirecTV on your computer monitor instead of your TV, you can do that with a few simple steps.

    Starting with your composite cables (tipped with red, yellow, and white) put the corresponding plugs into the same colors on the DVR. Make sure that the red tip goes into the hole with the red circle, etc.

    Then, do the same with the other end of the cables, plugging them into the DVD Express converter box. Again, it is a simple but imperative task to ensure the colors match up, because you’ve got connectors for audio and for visual, and they must match up for signals to be received properly.

    Use a USB cord to connect the DVD Express converter box with the USB ports on the computer. Plug one end of the USB into the port in the DVD Express converter box, and the other into a USB either in the back or on the front of your computer tower.

    You will have to restart the computer, like you do with any new program or hardware installation. You should now be able to watch DirecTV on your computer. Keep in mind that if your video card or viewing area is just not up to par, you could always switch it back to your TV later.

  • Connecting an External Hard Drive To a Network

    If you can connect your external hard drive to a network, you can access your music, videos, documents, and pictures from your phone, a number of computers on your home network, and even via the internet from any location in the world. If you’re wondering how to do this, it is surprisingly easy.

    The new Seagate FreeAgent DockStar is a device that can turn any USB storage device into internet-connected storage. This means that you can access it from any computer in your network. You can even give friends, family, or colleagues remote access for sharing pictures, videos, and documents.

    Even better, you can pull up a Power Point, which you left saved on the external hard drive at home, from your hotel in Japan. You wouldn’t have to worry about bringing a data storage device with you when you travel.

    Reversing this benefit, you can also take pictures on vacation in Australia, with your I-phone or Blackberry, for example, and send it straight to your home storage device through the internet. The photos will be automatically saved in a DockStar folder for you.

    One of the greatest features of the DockStar is that it is really easy to use. You don’t have to buy software or subscriptions to anything. When you get it, you just plug in the Ethernet and power cables. Then, you go online to the Seagate DockStar activation website and let it take care of the rest.

    Of course, if you are just looking to make the external hard drive accessible from any computer on your network, you may still want to look at the DockStar. It makes combined storage through your computer network easy, even if you choose not to use the remote access features from far away. But honestly, who could resist that kind of technological freedom?

  • Adding an External Hard Drive To Your Playstation 3

    Whether you are a serious gamer, or just a casual player, you want to make sure your Playstation 3 (PS3) game progress is saved. In order to do that, you will need to buy a PS3 external hard drive. But, it’s not just that simple.

    To get up and running, you need to follow several steps. Start by plugging the USB cable from the PS3 external hard drive into your computer. Open the “Start” menu and select "Control Panel," then "Administrative Tools," "Computer Management," and "Disk Manager," all in turn.

    Now you’ll need to select the PS3 hard drive and look at the “File System.” If you see “NTFS,” then just select “Delete Partition” to make sure the partition is “FAT32.”

    If it is not “FAT32,” there are a few extra steps before you can continue. Download the freeware, “CompuApps Swiss Knife.” You can find it easily with a search engine. Using the program, configure the settings in the PS3 hard drive as follows: “Partition Type-Primary," "File System-FAT32" and "Volume Label." Then, select "Create."

    Once you know you have “FAT32” as your partition, open “My Computer” and double click on the PS3 hard drive. In the same area, right click and scroll down to “New.” Select “Folder” and name it “Photo.” Do this three more times, making folders for “Music,” “Video,” and “Game.” Now the folders on your hard drive will exactly match those on your PS3.

    Finally, eject the PS3 hard drive from your computer. You can do this by selecting the green arrow on the bottom right corner of your Windows screen and clicking on “Safely Remove.” Just make sure you eject the right piece of hardware.

    Once the computer indicates that the hardware is safely removed, you can unplug the external hard drive from your PC and hook it up to your PS3. Now, just play your favorite games and relax, knowing your progress will be backed up on your new PS3 external hard drive.

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