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  • How-To Boot to the Desktop in Windows 8.1

    When Windows 8 was released a lot of people complained about the differences in the user interface compared to older versions of Windows. One of the biggest complaints that I heard when dealing with new users when it came to Windows 8 was the fact that it no longer booted to the desktop; it went directly to the new start screen. Surprisingly Microsoft listened to the user complaints and corrected this in Windows 8.1. Only problem is finding the option. Continue reading

  • Sony Vaio Duo 13 Slider Convertible Review

    vaio duo 13I was recently in the market for a new laptop to replace my aging Sony Vaio Z series laptop. I have always been partial to the Sony Z series and have been using them as my mobile workhorse for years. So I was disappointed when I saw that they were no longer offering that model anymore.

    What was I to do then? I started researching every similar spec’d machine I could find and after a couple months of research I keep coming back to the Vaio Duo 13. Continue reading

  • Tablet vs Laptop

    A tablet is the sleek, stylish option for those who compute on the go. However, when considering this investment you should carefully consider the benefits and options offered by a traditional laptop and those offered by an innovative tablet.
  • Notebooks vs Laptops

    When considering a purchase of either a notebook or a laptop you may wonder what features can help you make your decision. Understanding the benefits of each machine can help you make an educated choice about which device will better suit your particular needs.
  • Netbook vs Notebook

    Both netbooks and notebooks are designed for on-the-go use; however there is a definite difference between the ultra-light design of the netbook and the more substantial design of the notebooks.
  • Netbook vs Laptop

    If you are in the market for a new computer and want to catch up with the times and ditch that dinosaur desktop that is in the corner, there are several options to consider. For many people the obvious transition from a desktop would be to purchase a laptop. However, with the introduction of the netbook, many consumers have a hard time determining which options are best for their needs. Consider these main differences to help choose the technology option that is right for you:
  • What is the Electronic Waste Recycling Act?

    Did you know that the electronic waste recycling act helps to reduce hazardous substances from being sold in the state of California and New Jersey? With so many new electronic devices that are on the market, it is common to see people upgrading their phones, computers, and other devices every year. What do you do with your old iPhone if you are unable to sell it? What happens to an old computer?
  • Recycling Facts

    When it comes to recycling electronics it is important to take them to the right location. Many electronics can be properly recycled and will reduce toxic waste in the environment. However a lot of consumers are not aware of where to take their old phones and products and even more do not realize just how important it is to recycle. Here are some interesting recycling facts to consider:
  • What is Considered eWaste?

    If you have old electronics, you have eWaste that needs to be properly disposed of. Electronics have certain things in them that can be toxic to the environment if they are not recycled and handled in the right way. There are many electronics that fit into this category, if you are not sure, here are few helpful tips to define what is eWaste:
  • How to Recycle Electronics

    Do you know how to recycle electronics? If you have an old cell phone, computer, speakers, CD player, or other devices, you need to make sure they are being recycled properly and not tossed in the garbage can. Cell phones and other things can be harmful to the environment if you are not disposing of them properly because they have things like mercury and lead inside.

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