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  • Setting Your DVR from Anywhere

    Every year, the website decides which are the best of all technical offerings and puts them into their Top Ten lists. One of the top ten branded mobile applications of 2009 was the DirecTV iPhone App.

    For many years, digital video recording (DVR) was only something you could access from your living room and program recordings with the DVR remote. Since DirecTV put up options for programming online, customers have enjoyed being able to schedule show recordings from computers outside the home.

    This iPhone app from DirecTV is yet another step forward, because you can now set up recordings from anywhere. For example, if the meeting has run late at work and you can’t get home in time to watch your favorite show, you can set your DirecTV DVR from your iPhone and watch the show whenever you get around to it. pointed out that this iPhone app has a nice streamlined interface. They also touted its ease of usability and convenience for busy people.

    The ability to search for the show or shows you want and quickly select the show and either record one show or the entire season is another reason why this app is so popular. You can search by title, actors, descriptions, date and time or channel.

    Perhaps the best feature of the DirecTV iPhone app is that it is a free download for DirecTV customers. Over 1,000,000 downloads of this app took place within months of it coming out. Busy people in today’s society appreciate any time-saving convenience they can get.

  • DirecTV Tips and Tricks: Watching YouTube on Your TV

    YouTube has fast become one of the greatest and most visited websites of all time. Home videos have never had so much opportunity to be viewed worldwide by people who enjoy the ridiculous antics of pets, small children, and adults who act like pets and small children.

    In addition, YouTube has sky-rocketed the transfer of free information as YouTube videos have been produced on almost everything from canning peaches to installing a toilet. All useful stuff, right?

    But not everyone has a comfortable computer chair or a large computer monitor. Many people would rather sit on their couch and view YouTube videos from their big screen TVs.

    If you are one of those people, never fear. You can now access YouTube videos with your DirecTV remote. Start with just pressing the “Menu” button on your DirecTV remote.

    This will take you to a menu where you can select “Smart Search.” Type the search terms you want. In addition to the TV programs that match your search, you’ll also get results for YouTube videos that match it as well.

    When you select a YouTube video, you’ll get the information on who uploaded it, a preview image, how many people have viewed it, the length of the video and more information. On the other hand, if you are concerned about the open content of YouTube, you can use Parental Controls to restrict all YouTube videos.

  • DirecTV Releases New Apps for DVR Scheduler

  • DirecTV in 3D

    Now that consumers have been flocking by the droves to pick up their own 3D television sets, television programmers are racing to keep up with the demand for 3D viewing options. At first only available for movie viewing, 3D services are now an option for DirecTV customers as well.<br /><br />

    Starting with DirecTV cinema, movie and documentary offerings through DirecTV are available for instant 3D viewing. Some titles do require an internet connection, however.<br /><br />

    N3D is powered by Panasonic. It is an entire channel available through DirecTV that is dedicated to only HD 3D viewing. Viewers can enjoy sports, music, nature, arts and other program offerings.<br /><br />

    ESPN 3D is another dedicated HD 3D channel. Over 100 live sports events can be viewed in 3D. Channel 106 is where it’s at for sports enthusiasts with 3D hardware.<br /><br />

    DirecTV is the first television programming provider to offer 3net. This is yet another 3D dedicated channel that runs 24/7. This channel offers original documentaries and original 3D shows.<br /><br />

    So, how does all this awesome 3D programming work?  3D programming from DirecTV uses a technology that integrates left and right-oriented images that flash very quickly on the screen. At the same time, the left and right lenses of the active shutter 3D glasses open and close in sync.<br /><br />

    The alternating images flash at a rate of 120 flashes per second in each eye. So, your brain does not perceive it as flashing. It seems like a steady image as you view it. Now you can enjoy 3D programming that rivals the 3D experience in theatres, but from the comfort of your own couch at home.

  • Data Transfer Rates

    When considering which <a href="">hard drive</a> to purchase, it is helpful to examine different performance characteristics like access time, interleave, seek time, and data transfer rates. Data transfer rates are important because they determine the speed and efficiency of most of what you do.<br /><br />

    Part of what determines the data transfer rate is the access time. The access time has a lot to do with the construction of the hard drive. It takes time for the rotating disks and moving heads to retrieve information stored in the magnetic material.<br /><br />

    The seek time is the measure of how long it takes for the head assembly to get to the disk that contains the data for retrieval. There are different factors that can lead to slight delays, in the milliseconds, such as latency, a rotational delay that happens when the disk sector needed is not right under the head.<br /><br />

    Seek time ranges between 3 milliseconds and 15 milliseconds, depending on the quality of the drive. Desktop seek times are usually around 9 milliseconds, whereas laptops take closer to 12 milliseconds. High-end server drives can achieve 3 millisecond seek times.<br /><br />

    The data transfer rate does depend on the track location, so if the sought-after data is on the higher tracks or outer tracks, the data transfer rate will be faster. If the data desired is on the inner tracks, it will take a little longer to transfer the data.<br /><br />

    Currently, a 7200 RPM (rotations per minute) hard drive on a desktop will average about 1030 Mbits/sec. This is a disk-to-buffer rate. For a buffer-to-computer interface, the average is about 3.0Gbits/SATA. The greater the density of stored data, the faster the data transfer rate.

  • Check Out DirecTV's Answer Center

    DirecTV is a popular TV programming service with so many customers nationwide they struggle to keep up with customer service demand. In an attempt to streamline the answering of questions and responding to concerns, DirecTV has a new online Answer Center.<br /><br />

    The online Answer Center is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can get help with trouble shooting technical challenges or learn about tips and ideas for maximizing your DirecTV benefits.<br /><br />

    Emailing is another option, for those who can’t find the answer they’re looking for in the Answer Center. The option to email directly, either in English or Spanish, is available within the Answer Center.<br /><br />

    For technical challenges, the Answer Center offers interactive step-by-step video demos. They also have downloads of all the DirecTV system manuals, in case you can’t find yours.<br /><br />

    If you still can’t get your technical issue solved, you can access DirecTV experts via the <a href="">Technical Forum</a>. You can post your problems or concerns and get feedback straight from the professionals.<br /><br />

    If you are tired of waiting on hold for countless minutes, while trying to get other things done, stop wasting your time on the phone and get onto the Answer Center online.

  • Resetting Your DirecTV Box

    Sometimes after a DirecTV box has been disconnected, it cannot find the satellite signal again. When this happens, it will put a notice on your TV screen that says, “Searching for Signal.” This sometimes happens in apartment complexes where many customers share the same antenna. It can also happen when stormy weather moves your satellite.

    Check the cable connections, making sure that the “Satellite In” and “Satellite Out” cables are connected to their designated ports. The box should be connected to a working phone outlet. If you suspect the phone jack is not working, plug a phone into it and try it out.

    The satellite dish] itself needs to be checked next. Just be careful up there. Is it still in proper position, or did a storm move it out of place? Once you are satisfied that it is connected and in the right position, move on to the next step.

    Use the tiny red “Reset” button on the DirecTV box. It may find the signal, at this point, meaning you are back in business. If it doesn’t, however, continue to the next step.

    Disconnect the “Satellite In” cable from the DirecTV box. Unplug the DirecTV from the power outlet. Let it sit for five minutes and plug it back in. Do not put the “Satellite In” cable back in just yet. Turn on the DirecTV box and wait for the “Searching for Signal” message.

    Then, plug the “Satellite In” cable back into the box. This should resolve your problem. If not, you will have to contact DirecTV and let them know you have some malfunctioning equipment.

  • Recording Your DirecTV Programs from Anywhere

    Did you head out to work and forget to set your DVR to record your favorite show? If you have a cell phone or laptop with internet service, you can actually program it using the internet.

    The only prerequisite is, however, that you already have to have your DirecTV hooked up and online. DirecTV has instructions for that, if you need them, at the DirecTV website.

    Once you are ready to go, you can program your DVR recordings from anywhere you have internet access. Start by going to the website: Login to your DirecTV account, or register if you have not already done so.

    Once you are logged in, go to the listings to see all the shows and movies you can access through On-Demand. If you do not want to just browse the entire list, you can select from category headings like kids and family, movies, TV series, or sports.

    If, on the other hand, you know you want to watch a program offering from HGTV, for example, just select that channel. It will show you all of the content available from that particular network. Some people find that this process is easier and faster than setting the DVR with the remote, and will use this online feature at home as well.

    Once you have decided which show you want to record, click the “Record” button on the right side of the listing. Make sure to select the receiver you want to record it, if you have more than one in your home. Finally, click the “Record to Receiver” button. It will remind you that your DVR needs to be connected to the internet. Hopefully, you have done that, so just select “OK.”

    When you are home and ready to watch, check your DVR recordings. As long as you have followed all of these steps and your DVR was indeed connected to the internet, you should have the recording you selected saved to your DVR receiver.

  • Programming the DirecTV White Remote

    The DirecTV white or gray remote is long, covered in buttons, and can seem daunting, if you don’t know how to program it properly. Not to worry, the instructions for programming it are actually relatively simple.

    Start by ensuring that the remote has good batteries in it. When you push buttons on the remote, you should see a green light, if the batteries are working. When you’re ready, turn on the device you are attempting to program, whether that is the TV, the DVD player, or another electronic device.

    Depending on which of these devices you are programming, you will need to set the switch at the top of the remote accordingly. It has the options of AV1, AV2, and TV. Make your selection and move on to the next step.

    For the next step, you’ll need to access the internet. At the website,, you will need to select your remote from the different models on the screen. The model number should be on the top left of your remote. If not, it is probably the RC-24.

    After selecting your remote, you will need to select the device you are going to program with it. You will need to choose from the categories of TVs, VCRs, DVDs, or Audio Equipment. Unless you have the manual for the device with you, you will need to click on “Search Device Code” to find the specific programming code for your device.

    Write down the code for the next step. Hold down the “Mute” button on the remote and then the “Select” button. In a few seconds, a green light at the top of the remote will flash two times. You should be pointing at the device you are attempting to program.

    When you see the two green flashes, release the “Mute” and “Select” buttons and enter the code you wrote down. Each number button you press should cause the green light to flash, letting you know it is programming with that code. After the last number, it should flash twice.

    Leaving the remote switch on the same device (if you programmed the TV, leave it on “TV”), you can test it by hitting the power button. If your TV turns off, then it worked. If it doesn’t work, you may have chosen the wrong code. Unfortunately, if that is the case, you will have to go back and repeat the process with another code. Once you get the code right, you are done programming the DVR Remote to that device.

  • Hooking Up Your DirecTV to a Wireless Router

    For some time now, cable companies have been offering a variety of on-demand programming. This has been a great boost to their sales, as customers enjoy the freedom only on-demand shows and movies can provide.

    Through additional technology, DirecTV has found a way to follow suit. Only for High Definition customers, DirecTV has offered the capability of downloading and viewing on-demand content through a wireless router.

    The benefit of this feature is that customers do not have to worry about programming a DVR for many of the shows and movies they want to watch. They can just connect through the wireless router and select the show they want from the menu.

    In order to set it up, the DirecTV converter box needs to be off. Then, the Ethernet cable needs to be plugged into the back of it. The other end of the Ethernet cable goes into the back of the wireless router/adapter.

    The wireless router needs to be plugged in and signal a positive connection. Now, turn on the DirecTV converter box. When a signal shows up on the TV screen, you will need to press the “Menu” button on your DirecTV remote.

    Look for the option “Help and Settings.” Select that and then follow with “Setup” and then “Network.” From there, just sit back and let the DirecTV converter box do the rest of the work. Enjoy the freedom of on-demand viewing!

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