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Computer Repairs

Tutorials on how to repair and maintain your computer and laptop on your own

  • Purchasing Computer Parts: OEM vs. Retail

    Purchasing Retail vs OEM Products

    Most people are not familiar with what an OEM is let alone what an OEM product is, these products are becoming more and more available to the consumer. This is due to a combination of the fast evolution of computer technology and online shopping. Some will say it is better to purchase retail only while others will say it is better to purchase OEM. Personally I agree with both; so I am going to fill you in on the differences and the benefits of each so you have the information you need to decide for yourself. Continue reading

  • How to Replace your Lenovo T400 Screen

    Whether you are dissatisfied with the resolution of your screen or your child cracked the screen with a toy, you may need to replace it. Don’t be intimidated by the task, because replacing a laptop screen is actually not that complicated.
  • How to Replace a Lenovo Keyboard

    Many laptop users are intimidated by physical laptop repairs and part replacements. But with today’s models, most part replacements can be done by almost anyone who can follow a few simple steps and handle a screwdriver. If it’s time to replace your keyboard, don’t worry. This is one of those easy replacements.
  • How to Care for your Lenovo Laptop Battery

    Laptop batteries often get taken for granted until they begin to have difficulty maintaining a charge. Caring for your Lenovo laptop battery properly can extend the life of your battery and prevent the necessity of early replacement.
  • How do I replace my laptop hard drive?

    Did you fry your hard drive with some overly-taxing apps and games? Today’s high-tech games, fast-streaming videos, and other applications can overwhelm older hard drives. But you usually don’t have to replace the whole laptop.

    If your computer can boot up but the operating system doesn’t work, you have hard drive problems. Or if your laptop boots up but you repeatedly lose access to files, you can also diagnose a hard drive problem.

    Ideally you’ve been backing up your files, as recommended. But if you have not and your hard drive will at least function to some degree, you can plug a USB drive into your laptop and use free backup software to help you backup those files before they’re gone for good.

    Now make sure you refer to your manufacturer’s support documents to buy the right replacement hard drive. While you’re at it, you may as well buy one with a higher speed and greater capacity. Once you purchase the right hard drive, you can put it into your laptop.

    Usually there is only one screw, or other minimal hardware, holding your hard drive in your computer. After opening it up, ground yourself so that you do not send static electricity through your laptop. Obviously it’s best to do this with the laptop unplugged and off. Make sure you pay attention to where the connections are when you take out the old hard drive, and then hook the new hard drive up in the same way. The hard drive should start working as soon as you boot it up.

    By Al LaPeter

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  • Need IBM Lenovo Spare Parts?

    If your IBM Lenovo computer is struggling to keep up with today’s games and internet, you may be able to replace a part and get a couple more years of use out of it, for far less than it would cost to replace the whole computer.

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