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DirecTV in 3D

Now that consumers have been flocking by the droves to pick up their own 3D television sets, television programmers are racing to keep up with the demand for 3D viewing options. At first only available for movie viewing, 3D services are now an option for DirecTV customers as well.<br /><br />

Starting with DirecTV cinema, movie and documentary offerings through DirecTV are available for instant 3D viewing. Some titles do require an internet connection, however.<br /><br />

N3D is powered by Panasonic. It is an entire channel available through DirecTV that is dedicated to only HD 3D viewing. Viewers can enjoy sports, music, nature, arts and other program offerings.<br /><br />

ESPN 3D is another dedicated HD 3D channel. Over 100 live sports events can be viewed in 3D. Channel 106 is where it’s at for sports enthusiasts with 3D hardware.<br /><br />

DirecTV is the first television programming provider to offer 3net. This is yet another 3D dedicated channel that runs 24/7. This channel offers original documentaries and original 3D shows.<br /><br />

So, how does all this awesome 3D programming work?  3D programming from DirecTV uses a technology that integrates left and right-oriented images that flash very quickly on the screen. At the same time, the left and right lenses of the active shutter 3D glasses open and close in sync.<br /><br />

The alternating images flash at a rate of 120 flashes per second in each eye. So, your brain does not perceive it as flashing. It seems like a steady image as you view it. Now you can enjoy 3D programming that rivals the 3D experience in theatres, but from the comfort of your own couch at home.

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