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How To Find Your Lost Android Device

Find Your Phone

Everyone has had it happen, you check your pocket and your phone isn’t where you normally put it.  You immediately go into a panic because in this day and age people use their phones for everything from shopping to banking or as their digital camera.  So either you are thinking, Oh my God my banking info or oh my God how will a replace all those pictures of little Jimmy.

Just like on an iPhone or iPad you have a way of finding your phone if you think ahead and have things configured correctly before you misplace your device.   Recently Google has added a feature to allow you to search for your Android device from your PC as long as you have things configured correctly.

  1. You need to be logged into the same Google account you use on your phone or tablet on your desktop.
  2. You need to be using the latest version of the Google app on your phone or tablet.

If you have done these steps you can easily find your phone by just going to the Google home page and type “find my phone” in the search box.  Hit search or enter and give it a few seconds.  The accuracy of results will depend on your device and how good a signal it has.  For example when I tested this with my tablet it initially showed that it was accurate to within 68 meters and then gradually went down to 18 meters as the signal strengthened.

This is great if you leave your phone somewhere outside your home or office, but what if you put it down at the office or leave it in a room of your house and forget where it is.  As you can see from the accuracy Google can’t tell you that you left it in the bathroom on the counter, but it does give you the ability to ring the device at full volume for 5 minutes to aid you in finding your device.

Now what if you left it at the supermarket or at the bar you were hanging out at the night before or your device is moving then click on the device on Google and it will bring you to the Android Device Manager. Not only will this give you the rough location of where it is but it also gives you the ability to lock your device.  Now if you locate your device and it is actually moving then you have a whole other problem, but don’t panic.  If your device is moving most likely someone has it and if you don’t know who Google still has you covered.  It has an option from the same screen to actually erase all the data on your device so you do not have to worry about data falling into unsavory hands.

By Al LaPeter

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