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Recycling Your Old Computer? What To Do

Computer Recycling

With the technology in computers evolving as quickly as it has in recent years a lot of computer equipment has started to become obsolete within a year or two of purchase.  Because of this what should you do with your old equipment when you inevitably upgrade that old boat anchor of a laptop for a new thinner and lighter model or you upgrade your old tower desktop for an all-in-one.  Some people think that they can just put the old system out by the curb for trash pickup.  Well that is not very environmentally friendly and in some areas it is actually illegal.  Here are a several legal and environmentally friendly ways you can dispose of your old equipment.

  1. Send it back.  Some manufacturers as well as electronics stores actually offer recycling services.  So when you purchase directly from some of the larger computer manufacturer’s they will give you the option to have them recycle your old system and some of them will actually pay for the packaging and shipping for you to send them the system.  You also have some electronics chains that will take old equipment and recycle it for you.
  2. Recycling centers.  Some municipalities and some companies will have recycling centers for you to drop off your old equipment for proper recycling.  To find out you can either search the internet or call your municipality and ask.  Some of them will only be open during certain hours or on certain days so you are better off doing your research and getting the proper information before you try to drop off any equipment.
  3. Charity.  If your old equipment is still functional then you can donate it to a local school or charity for them to use.  Some schools will use old computers to teach students how to assemble and disassemble systems while others will use them to supply their computer labs.  There are also some charities that will refurbish the system and send it to poor communities both domestically and internationally.  One such charity is the National Christina Foundation (  As a warning before you do this make sure you delete all of your data from the computer and I would suggest getting a data wipe program to make sure none of your data is left recoverable.

By Al LaPeter

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