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  • How To Setup Your Home Network In 3 Easy Steps

    How To Setup Your Home Network In 3 Easy Steps

    With the amount of connected devices in the average home growing more and more people are setting up home networks.

    Now most people think that setting up a network at home is as simple as just plugging in your shiny new router and connecting everything to that.

    Well that will get you up and running, but that doesn’t mean it is the correct way of doing it.  It is worth taking the time to configure and setup security, file and printer sharing on your network.

    This will just make everything easier in the future, especially when you are sitting in your living room with your tablet or laptop and you can access files on your desktop and print to the printer in your home office.

    Let me show you how to setup your home network in 3 easy steps...

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  • How To Avoid Freeloaders On Your Wireless Network

    How To Avoid Freeloaders On Your Wireless Network

    Whenever I am browsing various tech forums, blogs and sites, I continually see all these posts and articles about securing your wireless network.

    One thing that constantly aggravates me is when people claim that if you follow these steps no one will be able to get into your network.

    When I read this I always think of something my father always used to say, “Locks are made for honest people.”  If a hacker with the right skill-set wants to get into your network, they will find a way to get in.

    I'm going to explain how to avoid freeloaders on your wireless network and why it's important...

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  • How to Stop Google+ Users You Do Not Know From Emailing You

    Recently Google has added a new feature to Gmail that allows Gmail users to email anyone on Google+ even if they do not have their email address. So basically anyone with a Gmail account can email anyone on Google+ even if they do not have your email address. This might sound convenient to some but to me this looks like an easy way for spammers to send you messages without even having your email address; all they need to do is find and connect to you on Google+. Continue reading

  • How To Run Your Favorite Android Apps on Windows


    I have a friend of mine who has always been a diehard Android fan when it came to his cell phones and tablets, but always windows for his laptop. While he was over visiting we got to talking about Windows 8 running on a tablet. So I let him play around with one of my tablets. He started asking a million and one questions and for the next couple of weeks he kept emailing and texting me questions about different systems and configurations that they offer windows 8 on. Continue reading

  • How-To Set A Universal Background in Windows 8.1

    In Windows 8 the start screen used a different background image than the desktop.  Some people liked this while others hated it.  Personally I didn’t like it because I felt it caused an in-continuity between the desktop and the start screen.  Fortunately in Windows 8.1 there is an option called universal background to allow them both to use the same background. Continue reading

  • How-To Boot to the Desktop in Windows 8.1

    When Windows 8 was released a lot of people complained about the differences in the user interface compared to older versions of Windows. One of the biggest complaints that I heard when dealing with new users when it came to Windows 8 was the fact that it no longer booted to the desktop; it went directly to the new start screen. Surprisingly Microsoft listened to the user complaints and corrected this in Windows 8.1. Only problem is finding the option. Continue reading

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